2013 Ford F150 Payload Capacity

2013 F150 SuperCrew Side White

A big question that comes with the purchase of any truck is, “How much can it tow?” The often overlooked step-brother to towing capacity is payload capacity, and the 2013 Ford F150 payload capacity is the largest in it’s class! A simple definition of payload is how much weight can be added to the cab and bed of the truck. That includes people (a 150 lbs. driver is accounted for), tools, etc. When people want to know more about what the F150 can haul, they ask the question in many ways, so we are going to try and address them all.

The 2013 F150 has three different bed sizes and specs:

5.5 ft. Cargo Box is a total of 55.4 cubic ft. or 2.05 cubic yards.

6.5 ft. Cargo Box is 66.5 cubic ft. or 2.46 cubic yards.

8 ft. Cargo Box, the largest of the three, is 81.3 cubic ft. or 3.01 cubic yards.

All three boxes are 22.4 inches high and 50 inches wide at the wheel house, so depending on your cargo, you may have to use these calculations. (The calculations above are provided by Ford and unless you take into account all the nooks and crannies, your math might not equal their numbers. Check the bottom of page 15.)

2013 F150 Payload CapacityOk, so these numbers are all great, but what does they actually mean? Let’s use the SuperCab 6.5 ft. box as an example. With several different engine configurations you can haul approximately 2,000 lbs. (The 2013 F150 payload capacity, when properly equipped, is a class-leading  3,120 lbs.) Well, how about gravel? Gravel is sold by the cubic yard and generally speaking you 1 yard weighs about 2,000 lbs. (that’s convenient). So we could fill the 6.5 ft. box about halfway with gravel.

F150 with Bricks in Bed

If you wanted to haul something a little more rigid, like bricks, you have to use the inside box for a estimation. The average brick is .036 cubic feet and weighs about 4.5 lbs. That means you can actually put about 1,080 bricks in your F150, but you can only haul about 667.

Redneck_Swimming_PoolNow what if you wanted to have some real fun and make a *redneck swimming pool? If the 6.5 ft. box has a 65.5 cubic foot capacity that equals about 489 gallons of water. Each gallon of water weighs 8.35 lbs., so that means you could fill the bed up almost exactly halfway with water. However, what’s a pool without swimmers. You would also have to take into account the weight of each occupant.


If we didn’t cover the cargo you wish to haul, here are the equations we used, so you can do your own calculations.

Height (ft.) X Width (ft.) x Length (ft.) = Volume in Cubic Feet

2,000 lbs. = 1 Ton

1 Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet

With a little Google magic you can figure out just about anything!


*We do not recommend, condone or suggest you should make a swimming pool in the back of your truck!