2014 F-150 Video

What is the nation's best-selling vehicle? For many, their first guess as to what that vehicle might be would name something like an ever-popular midsize sedan or an SUV from the growing crossover SUV segment. While it might not be your first guess, it is easy to see that the...[read more]

5 Quick Tips for Caring for Your 2014 Ford F150

5 Quick Tips for Caring for Your 2014 Ford F-150 Despite its large size, it doesn’t need to be difficult to care for your 2014 Ford F-150. In some ways, caring for your Ford pickup can be just as simple as caring for any other vehicle. These tips are all quick and...[read more]

2014 F-150 Interior

The 2014 F-150's well-appointed cabin gives drivers the best of everything: generous comfort, a versatile design, and advanced technology. When it is time to buy your next pickup truck, Lexington drivers agree you can't go wrong with the 2014 Ford F-150. The F-150's spacious cabin boasts a composed atmosphere. No matter...[read more]

How to Get 200,000 Miles Out of Your Ford F-150

 One of the many reasons that the 2014 Ford F150 and previous models are so popular is because of their long history of durability. People keep buying Ford trucks because they are some of the vehicles that have been proven time and again to be able to get to 200,000...[read more]